The construction of this [self-paced] "online learning platform" was created with the intent to compile the knowledge and wisdom, gained thus far as of Year 2022 in relation to the "Human Health Developments and Functionalities"; to provide content that can be universal to all 3 levelled basic states of Education (Grade School, Primary, and Secondary) thats evidentiary and factual in concerns to the "analytical data", "hypothetical reasonings", and/or "suppositions" developments illusively in REAL-TIME when partaining to the state, status, function, operation, maintenance, management, and preservations of the Human-Being's "Emotional" Health, "Mental" Health, "Physical" Health, and "Spiritual" (Metaphysical) Health ; and to essentially provide the direct opportunity to gain Continued Learning Education Credits, Certifications, Diplomas, or Degrees in the Schools of Science and Medicine.

The "Scholastic Institute of Human Development" Health Specialties sought to educatevare amongst the following:

(List subjected to change)

1. Anthropology

2. Anthroposophy

3. Biochemistry

4. Cardiology

5. Dentistry

6. Dianetics

7. Endocrinology

8. Energy Healing

8.a Quantum Touch

8.b EFT

8.c Reiki

8.d Restorative Touch

8.e Brennan Healing Science

8.f Therapeutic Touch

8.g Pranic Healing

8.h Theta Healing

8.i Longevitology

8.j The Wonder Method

9. Entomology

10. Enzymology

11. Epistemology

12. Epidemiology

13. Esotericism

14. Gastroenterology

15. Genomics

16. Gynecology

17. Hematology

18. Histology

19. Histopathology

20. Histophysiology

21. Holistic's

22. Human Genetics

23. Infectious Disease

24. Musicology

25. Nephrology

26. Neurology

27. Neuropathology

28. Neuropharmacology

29. Neurophysiology

30. Neuroscience

31. Nutrition

32. Obstetrics

33. Ophthalmology

34. Orthopedics

35. Orismology

36. Psychiatry

37. Psychology

38. Physics

38.a Acoustics

38.b Astrophysics

38.c Atomic

38.d Biophysics 

38.e Classic Physics

38.f Geophysics

38.g Nuclear Physics

38.h Mechanical Physics

38.i Optics

38.j Thermodynamics

39. Pulmonology

40. Pharmacology

41. Scientology

42. Serology

43. Somatology

44. Sleep Disorders

45. Symptomology

46. Virology

Strive to be all your capable to be, but first know what and who you are so you know at the achievements of your successes what actually developed.

Brittany Tamika Shade

The Founder

My name is Brittany Shade. I currently reside near Midtown/Downtown Atlanta, GA, USA.

From 2011, I spent 5 years in the medical field as a Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician. Since February 2019, I no longer am Nationally certified by the Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission, however, it was previously held for 4 1/2 years; as well as, BLS certified by the American Heart Association. I also have done youth mentoring, and counseling in my past.

Now, I am an Achology Certified Life Coach, with American Royalty Kingdom Solutions LLC,. a subsidiary of American Royalty Productions Inc.

More can be learned about me at

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